Our Church History

Trinity Baptist Church of Elizabethtown, Kentucky was founded in 1983 by Pastor Eugene Owens. Pastor Owens started the church the same year he graduated from Bible College. Baptist Church has been a “King James Only” Baptist church since it began. Brother Owens and his congregation stands without apology for the final authority of God’s Word and affirms its Divine preservation. See John 12:48; Psalms 12:6 7 All that God has done He has accomplished through His Word and Pastor Owens has tried to adhere to God’s law in building this church. The church met in the old State Theater on West Dixie Ave. for awhile. We moved to a store front building off of Strawberry Alley for a few years. The church was able to purchase property at 410 South Mulberry in 1987. Our current building and property was purchased in 2004 and there is a parsonage located on the property. Trinity Baptist Church was not started as a “satellite church”, nor does it have a “mother church” supporting it. It is a completely autonomous church, its only lifeline is the Saviour.

In May of 2021, Brother Patrick Owens was appointed as Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Elizabethtown. Our founding Pastor, Eugene Owens, was promoted to Pastor Emeritus on our "Passing the Mantle" Sunday, the 16th of May, 2021. He is in a caretaking role now because of the failing health of his wife and first lady of our Church for nearly 40 years. This begins a new era and generation for our ecclesiatic family. May God bless Brother Patrick as he takes up the mantle (2 Kings 2:13) of the pastorate and continues to minister to our church family.